Osho Institute for Martial Arts and Zen Meditation



"The Way Of Live ZEN"

we have initiated for a new 3 and 7 Day Zen Meditation Camp:

ZEN is a reflection of that what is. A reflection of yourself in every moment of silence.

The modern human being has forgotten how to enjoy the own inner silence. He hardly succeeds in being quiet for one or two hours and is not able to gain strength from silence. We want to practice the being in silence again and share our experiences during this week.

In our Zen meditation camp we combine “Old Zen meditation techniques” with meditation techniques, developed by Osho and we will also practice simple techniques of Martial Arts. Classical Zen meditation techniques like Zazen (seat meditation) or Kinhin (walking meditation) are old exercises to experience the way of silence. The techniques developed by Osho bridge the change of movement and silence, thereby helping you to calm down. Martial arts exercises help you focus and strengthen your Hara awareness.

The combination of these techniques allow for an exceptional experience. If you let everything go, stop judging and simply witness, silence can be experienced.

We warmly invite you to practice the being in meditation and Zen with us and to get to know and to find yourself and your strength in “being silent”.

"ZEN gives you the discipline, to become a mirror, in such a way that you can reflect that, what is. Everything what you need is perception that not is distorted by thinking.OSHO"